Temporary Guardianships

  1. Must complete petition (form is available at Probate Court or through website www.gaprobate.org.)
    Need child’s Birth Certificate
  2. Petitioner needs background check on them and any adults who will be living in the household with the minor. (this can be done at the Sheriff’s Department for $10.00.)
  3. Both parents need to sign the petition and have their signatures notarized. If both parents do not sign, notice to the parent not signing will have to be completed before the temporary guardianship can be ordered. Both parents need to be listed on the petition, even if the father is not listed on the birth certificate. If you do not have an address or any contact information for one of the parents, a citation will be published in the local newspaper for 2 consecutive weeks at your expense.
  4. If you are filing for temporary guardianship for more than one child, a separate petition must be completed for each child. Even if the children have the same parents.

Total costs for the petition is $122.00 and must be paid in full when you submit your petition.