Published April 20, 2016
Public Notice

0202E – Troutman Road
Roadway Paving
Statement of Work
The work includes paving Troutman Road from Amaco Road to a point approximately 755 feet from the intersection. The roadway has been graded by Wilcox County Road Department. The work includes but not limited to priming, sanding, and asphalt paving per Georgia Department of Transportation standard specifications.

The paved surface shall be 20’ wide with a 2% cross slope with a high point at the centerline. The asphalt shall be 2” thick compacted in place and shall be 12.5 mm Superpave. The 35’ radii at Amaco Road shall also be paved. It is estimated that prime will consist of approximately 1750 square yards and 12.5 mm Superpave will be 200 tons.

Contractor shall be responsible for all traffic control per the MUTCD, current edition.

Wilcox County will be responsible for dressing and grassing the shoulders.

Proposals shall be lump sum bids and shall be submitted to Paula Ball, County Manager by Friday, April 29, 2016 at 1:00 pm at the Wilcox County Courthouse.

Work shall be completed within 30 days after Notice To Proceed.

If a proposal is found acceptable, Notice To Proceed is expected to be issued within 10 days after bid date.

All work shall be coordinated with Paula Ball, County Manager, and Adam Dowdy, Road Superintendent.