Magistrate Court


103 North Broad Street
Abbeville, Georgia 31001
(229) 467-2458 P
(229) 467-2067 F
Shawn Rhodes
Magistrate Judge
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The Magistrate Court provides the following services for Wilcox County:
  • Issue and conduct civil claims 
  • Issue garnishments
  • Writs
  • Dispossessory
  • Foreclosures
  • Issue subpoenas
  • Issue post judgment interrogatories 
  • Enforce county ordinances
  • Perform marriages
  • Issue search warrants
  • Issue civil judgments
  • Issue almost all criminal warrants
  • Setup pre-warrant application hearings
  • Issue bad check warrants (deposit account fraud)
  • Hold bond hearings (set the amount of bond)
  • Issue conditions orders on family violence warrants
  • Execute and accept written waivers of extradition
  • Can issue contempt orders
  • Issue bench warrants

The monetary limit of the Magistrate Court is $15,000.